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By careful observation of the nature, one can recognize correlations between different events. In physics, these correlations can be expressed by physical formulas describing relations between physical quantities. If certain parameters of a physical system are known, it is possible to calculate other parameters that allow the prediction of the development of the system in future.
In this formulary, the most important formulas of various areas in physics are listed ranging from mechanics, electromagnetic phenomena and solid state physics up to relativity, quantum mechanics and nuclear physics. Using the search form below, you can easily find the right formula which you need to solve your problem in physics. You only need to select the desired category and to enter the physical quantities which are related to the formula either as symbol or as name. Alternatively you can also enter the name of the needed formula or equation directly. If you are not sure which formula you need, you can go to the categories below and browse through all formulas of a certain category. Futhermore, you can acces detailed information of every formula and a calculator for most physical formulas allows the direct calculation of the physical quantities without the need of intricate rearranging the formula by yourself.

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In the collection the most often used physical formulas are listed. The formulary is searchable online and you can calculate the variables interactively. According to the typical branches in physics, the formulas are sorted in the following categories:

Quantum mechanics
Nuclear physics
Solid state physics

If a formula is missing you are invited to add it here:

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