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Here, the volumes in different scales can be converted.
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Metric: 1mcubic metre
1⋅106cmcubic centimetre
1⋅109mmcubic millimetre
Anglo-American: inch
35.315cu.ft.cubic foot
1.308cu.yd.cubic yard
264.172gal.gallon (US liq.)
6.29bbl.barrel (oil)


Metric system: In SI units, the basic unit is the cubic metre (m), a cube with a side length of 1 m. Beyond that the units of volume can be used with the common SI prefixes: 1 m = 1000000 cm = 1000000000 mm.
In daily life the litre, which corresponds to 1 cubic decimetre, the millilitre and the hectollitre is often used.
It is: 1 l = 1 dm = 0.001 m = 1000 ml = 0.01 hl.

Anglo-American system: In Anglophone countries the following units of volumes are used:
The cubic inch (, the cubic foot (cu.ft.) and the cubic yard (cu.yd.). To specify the volume of petrol in the US, the US liquid gallon is used. For Volumes of oil the unit barrel is common.
It is: 1 = 16.387064 mm, 1 cu.ft. = 1728, 1 cu.yd. = 27 cu.ft., 1 US = 231, 1 bbl. = 42 US

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