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Radioactivity: Nuclide:

Activity: 1Bq  Becquerel
27⋅10-12ci  Curie
60dpm  disintegrations per minute
Equivalent dose per year (Cs): 260⋅10-12Sv/a  Sievert per year
29.68⋅10-9ÁSv/h  Microsievert per hour
26⋅10-9rem/a  Rem per year

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In SI system, the unit of activity is the Becquerel (Bq), named after the French physicist Antoine Henri Becquerel describing the number of disintegrations per minute. An older unit is the Curie (Ci) defined by the activity of 1 g of 226Ra. Furthermore activity can be expressed by disintegrations per minute (dpm).
It is: 1 Bq = 2.7⋅10-11 Ci = 60 dpm.

To evaluate the health hazards while associated with radiation we use the equivalent dose with the unit Sievert named by the Swedish physicist Rolf Sievert (Sv). An older unit of the dose is the rem (Roentgen equivalent in men). It is: 1 Sv = 100 rem. The equivalent dose takes into account the influence of the type of radiation on the damage of biological tissues. In contrast to this, the energy dose (unit Gray, Gy) describes the physical transfered energy per mass. It is related to the equivalent dose via a radiation weighting factor. For some nuclides the equivalent dose (for 50 years) can be estimated using dose conversion factors [1]:

NuclideDCF [Sv/Bq]

At elevated radioactivity protection areas have to be established according to the German Radiation Protection Ordinance: In surveillance area persons can receive a dose higher than 1 mSv per year. In control areas persons can receive a dose higher than 6 mSv per year. In prohibited areas the dose rate exceeds 3 mSv/h.


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